Neuromuscular Occlusion

Neuromuscular Dentistry (N.M.D.) is the science which objectively measures the functions affected by occlusion and makes it possible to evaluate the complex relations which exist between the teeth, the temporo-mandibular joints and the masticator muscles.
The resulting evaluation allows us to determine the occlusion corresponding to the optimal relation between the mandible and the skull, the neuromuscular occlusion.

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Is Neuromuscular Dentistry (N.M.D.) for You?

If you consider orthodontic or reconstructive treatments including aesthetic and cosmetic procedures the neuromuscular techniques will be able to offer a positive impact on the longevity of the treatments of oral rehabilitation.
If you suffer from headaches or chronic neck pain or any of the T.M.D. symptoms mentioned in the Pain Clinic page, they will be able to offer the relief that other medical disciplines did not succeed to give you.

There are always options to consider when choosing a dental treatment. The neuromuscular analysis offers us an image of ensemble, of what is behind the appearance of your smile, tackling questions which affect your health and your global wellbeing.
After the initial evaluation, our treatment coordinator will discuss in detail with you all available treatment options.

Options and Treatment Steps

Management vs. Treatment

Very few people have a perfect bite, yet many of us have a tolerance for some degree of abnormality and can function well in spite of it.
Some people only occasionally experience pain or discomfort or have a marginal problem. In this case, after your consultation with Dr. Christine Hindie, you may choose to manage the condition as opposed to undergoing more permanent treatment.

Minor Treatment – Coronoplasty
(Occlusal Equilibration)

In some cases a very slight high spot on a tooth can be the cause of substantial problems such as unbalanced occlusion, discomfort or pain. If after a thorough evaluation Dr. Hindie determines that your bite needs only minor adjustment one option might be to correct it through a process called coronoplasty.
Coronoplasty may also be used to fine tune your occlusion once more extensive procedures have been completed.

Management - Temporary Treatment
(Phase I)

After having identified that the occlusion is the cause of your problem and it requires more than coronoplasty to correct it, a neuromuscular orthotic therapy will be prescribed for you to adjust your occlusion to the neuromuscular position.
As part of diagnosis and orthotic design we will first relax the jaw and neck muscles with the use of Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation ( T.E.N.S.)

The orthotic is a removable plastic appliance, usually worn over the lower teeth, precisely made to fit the contours of your teeth, causing the repositioning of your jaw to the new, neuromuscular occlusion.

The orthotic is not a splint, not a mouth guard, not a night guard nor a NTI type apliance. These other appliances are designed to prevent teeth from coming together in a way or another, while an orthotic is designed to realign the jaw to a new occlusal position.

Healing is a process not an event; the average time of therapy with an orthotic is 6 month, period in which several appointments for computerized jaw tracking and orthotic adjustments are necessary.
The goal is to provide better function and implicitly pain relief. It is common for T.M.D. patients to experience dramatic relief of symptoms soon after receiving the orthotic.

Permanent Treatment (Phase II)

Once the orthotic has provided major relief or resolved the problem, you may elect to go on and have your natural teeth treated to permanently maintain that new bite position. Treatment will depend upon your particular condition and could include orthodontics, reconstruction of the teeth (porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges or implants) or a combination of these procedures to permanently alter your bite.

Additional Advantages!

An Exquisite Smile!

While your primary objective in treatment would be to improve function and relieve pain, it is often possible to improve the beauty of your smile at the same time.

A Facial Lift!

In patients 45 years and older, we have often seen that the results are more than only attractive teeth; the patients experience an improvement in the facial features, it is like having a non-surgical face-lift.

Will my insurance cover for T.M.D. treatments?

Make no mistake. Having dental insurance is good, but it is often not enough to gaining access to comprehensive dental care. Dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all of the cost of your dental care. Most plans include coinsurance provisions, a deductible and all of them limit the amount paid per year per family member.

Insurance reimbursement amounts are not, and never have been, a guideline for quality care.

Dental insurance won't pay for something just because you think you need it.
Dental insurance won't pay for something just because the doctor thinks it is necessary either.
The insurance company will do exactly what is written into its contract with you. No more than that.

T.M.D. is a dentally based orthopedic disorder with medical and dental manifestations. The basic source of the problem might be the malocclusion, but the symptoms mimic many medical disorders and complaints.

One reason for a decline in dental insurance benefits is that many lack an understanding of how the dental condition can impact general health. The vast majority of dental insurance policies define a "dental service" as any service that treats the teeth or its supporting structures. In the presence of this definition, there will be no coverage for T.M.J. problems, even if the pain is caused by malocclusion because the temporomandibular joint is not a "supporting structure" of the teeth.

As dental professionals, our responsibility is to deliver consistently excellent care that gets results. We do not develop treatment plans based on what your insurance company will reimburse or deems "usual and customary."

Dental conditions vary in complexity and severity, and fees vary to reflect these differences. Fees for services rendered in our office are based on the doctor's skill, knowledge, judgment, experience and expertise.

If you or a loved one would like to meet Dr. Christine Hindie, Montreal dentist, for a Neuromuscular Dentistry Consultation, please call or e-mail us today.


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Pain Clinic
Understanding the tmj joints

We all have the ability to function in an accommodative pathologic position. When the pathologic position exceeds our accommodative capacity, we begin to complain of Pain, Discomfort or Aesthetics.

Although the large majority of people suffer from the diseases of the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (T.M.J.), most do not associate their pain and/or symptoms to a "malocclusion" and prefer to blame the stress, the children at home or their work environment.

Pin-pointing the Pain!

The understanding of pain is complicated mostly by the fact that the same painful stimulus may be perceived differently by different people, and differently by the same people at different times. The person's reaction to the circumstances surrounding the pain experience and the interpretation of the pain meaning may also be different.

Pain is personal, private and unique, but there is often a demand from clinicians that pain and pain situations be objective, public and reproducible.

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The K7 Technology
Computerized Mandibular Scanning

The Objectif: The Right Diagnostic leads to the Best Treatment.

Science and clinical experience have shown that a stable occlusal foundation in which muscles, joints and teeth all work together efficiently plays a crucial role in the positive outcome of all dental procedures.

For optimal diagnosis and therapy, the clinician must be able to measure physiologic phenomena that indicate the state of occlusal function and its effect on both masticatory muscles and temporo-mandibular joints.

The patented K7 C.M.S. tracks mandibular motion in three dimensions and also displays mandibular torque.

The scans obtained are invaluable three dimensional representations of mandibular rest, the relaxed neuromuscular path of closure, centric occlusion, habitual path of closure and protrusive guidance.

The K7 Evaluation System from Myotronics-Noromed Inc., allows Dr. Christine Hindie's team to obtain necessary data to objectively measure occlusal function three dimensionally, in order to assist her in providing optimal diagnosis and treatment of all major dental cases - aesthetic, cosmetic, restorative, orthodontics and Temporo-mandibular Disorders.

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My Art Work

Everyone has a smile story, and all of us want a happy ending. What's your Smile Story?

How could your smile look at its best?

You may find answers among some of my cases, presented in my Portfolio, as a mean to stir some thought, interest and consideration for what can be achieved with today's dental techniques.

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